Clothing for Portraits The making of successful portraits takes some effort. The choice of backgrounds, natural posing, lighting, and sometimes the right music are all responsibilities of your photographer; coordinating the clothing is yours.

Guidelines for all portraits, studio or outdoors:

-All members of the family should be dressed to the same degree of formality or casualness.

-We recommend solid color clothing of the same tones. Consider the look of the final portrait so no one person dominates in clothing or apperance. This should be classic, timeless clothing that doesn't date the portrait. If you want to use white or pastel tones, everyone should be similarly dressed. Avoid the look of one person standing out because of a bold, distracting pattern or a contrasting light top when everyone else is dressed darker (especially if that person is heavier).

-Always avoid T-shirts, sweats, tight short skirts (sometimes people are seated on the ground), heat transfer designs and bold patterns (including wide stripes).

-This is not the time to experiment with a new hair style or extra makeup. Use makeup to cover blemishes if possible.

Infants & Toddlers

-Babies often spit up; please bring them a second outfit if possible. Toddlers require a little more preparation. It is suggested that we schedule the session around your child’s routine of sleep, feedings and disposition so we can have a successful photo session. Bringing familiar props for the children is encouraged and can make a big difference. I would much rather postpone a toddler session until a child feels at their best instead of struggling with the alternative.

"Photo-gray" glasses photograph black outdoors and very dark in the studio. We suggest non-glare coated lenses or contacts to avoid reflections. Glass glare is difficult to retouch and still look natural. Shoes may show in some poses. Pets are welcome outdoors, in your home.

Outdoor portraits

-Your home or at a park make wonderful portraits. We need areas of full shade to photograph at your home. Casual or dressy, everyone should look like they belong together. Solid tops with nice jeans or khakis work well outdoors. Sweaters are excellent when the weather is chilly. Coordinate the colors so no one person stands out.

-Home portraits indoors are almost always made in your living room, using your familiar home environment which make for natural family portraits.


- Darker classic studio background go well with solid darker clothing and works best with our mottled brown canvas background. You can be casual or formal with this background but longer sleeves are usually best.

-In formal sessions, women should wear darker hose and avoid short, tight skirts.

White background ( high key) portraits good for up to 5 adults; good for children. Keep clothing simple. One, two or three solid colors work best. We recommend white socks or bare feet since we will ask you to remove your shoes. For a casual look, wear jeans with white tops or you can wear medium to darker color tops. Other options include dressy casual with khakis or a formal look. Muslin

-Sky blue background is my favorite for families, school picture and dance groups. We recommend casual jeans or khakis. Use solid neutral colors that blend with the muslin. This is a great choice for a casual grouping, families and school pictures.

-I encourage my clients to bring their favorite music. The calming effect on children and adults alike is remarkable.

-Please arrive on time and not super early, especially with children whose tiny little clocks began when you left home!

My photo sessions are fun for me and my clients! See you soon!

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